A Tribute To Jonny Seww

Life deals us unfortunate hands when we least expect it and in Jonny Seww’s case a musician, songwriter and entrepreneur contracted ALS. His wife and lifetime partner Pam, contracted cancer two weeks after his diagnosis. This occurrence may have slowed down this couple but they were far from being out of the game. Pam continued with her sewing projects during chemotherapy treatments and Jonny stayed the course with music projects and the sewing business. They did however establish a new domicile due to the design of their digs, because of Jonny’s advancing muscular disorder.

The Jonny Seww Plays and Sings for ALS & PALS CD was created to raise donations for the ALS Society of Ontario who purchase equipment for patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Thanks to the wonderful support of family, friends, the ALS Society of Ontario and Hospice Dufferin for their help and encouragement during these trying times. A special thanks to Loretta Bowen (PSW) who without her encouragement, this project would not have gotten off the ground.

This picture is of Jonny in his current high-tech wheelchair with all the bells and whistles. Thanks to the ALS Clinic at Sunnybrook Hospital for all their recommendations and guidance in coming up with his wonderful transportation device. The ALS and PALS cd was created from a treasure trove of music produced by Jonny prior to his diagnosis of ALS. The majority of the music on the cd was written and composed by Jonny. He recently produced the final mix at his new home in Orangeville, Ontario.

While this cd represents one of many cds created by Jonny for application specific music, we are uncertain whether he will have the strength to produce another cd in the future.

Make a Donation to the ALS Society of Ontario:
Donations can be made directly through www.jonnyseww.com by using the Donation Button below. With a minimum $15 donation, you will receive a Jonny Seww Plays and Sings for ALS & PALS CD in the mail.

Purchase Jonny Seww's products and music:
The entire Jonny Seww product line, including his prior CD releases, can be purchased at Stable Sewing Supplies, an online retailer of sewing, quilting and embroidery parts and notions, as well as the online distributor for Jonny Seww products.

We would like to thank all contributors in advance for their donations and support.