The late Jonny Seww wrote sewing and quilting specific music. His lyrical song creations were influenced by history and personal experiences that serve as delightful inspirations to every sewist and quilter who has undoubtedly found themselves alone and sewing into the night.

Over the years Jonny's music, extensive international paper background, and Pam's sewing knowledge and ideas solidly meshed to produce new and exciting sewing products. Their passionate approach to this endeavour helped to discover unique, useful and advantageous products that benefit the sewing industry at large.

Jonny's niece Crystal has recently joined the business, bringing fresh new ideas and insights to the table. Her unique perspective in business management and computer science will certainly add a new dimension to the company.

The idea factory, which was located north of Toronto in the Caledon Hills, developed such products as Jonny Seww's Multi-Purpose Iron-On Stabilizing Paper, Embroidery Template Kit, Greeting Card Kit, Press-on Non-Stick Release Sheets, Multi-Sew Fabric, Limited Edition Needlekeepers, Amazing Cleaning Block for rotary cutting mats as well as Jonny Seww's musical CD's.

Jonny and Pam appeared on "Linda MacPhee's Workshop" television series as well as appearances at sewing and quilting shows in Canada and the USA.

Pam and Crystal now offer a live product presentation available to sewing and quilt shows, guild meetings, and in-store events to promote the products and the art of sewing and quilting.

New ideas and applications for the products are still being developed!