The Hazards of Adhesive Sprays

Until now adhesive sprays have been a devil-you-do, devil-you shouldn't, messy and fussy solution to heavy "unloopable" fabric embroidery, embroidery appliques or any fabric application requiring instant total fabric stabilization.

Many expensive embroidery and sewing machines have experienced the negative wrath of adhesive sprays. No matter how careful the application instructions are followed, sewing machine technicians will attest; "it's virtually impossible to embroider or sew using adhesive sprays on fabric without adhesive transferring into the operating mechanisms of expensive machines. Techs have indicated that slight use of adhesive spray on fabric will add to cleanup and maintenance cost. Extensive use can cause damage to the hook (heart of the sewing machine), bobbin case distortions and needle breakage. Replacement parts can add considerable unnecessary expense to your repair costs and at the same time compromise your sewing projects by clogging the threads, embroidery misalignments, skipped stitches, fabric puckering, just to name a few.

For health reasons alone adhesive sprays are downright hazardous. Just reading the usage and content label on the back of a can of adhesive spray should be enough to scare the daylights out of any unsuspecting sewing consumer. "Caution don't inhale" as the container label advises, or it will cause irrepitable health concerns "and see a doctor immediately if ingested". It is impossible without the use of a mask not to ingest spray adhesive. After removing your mask, small amounts like dust, can still be ingested and over time can cause health problems to not only the user, but also family members and pets.

Independent tests have proven that over time adhesive sprays contaminate the fabric of restored heirloom quilts. What about the contamination of your cherished embroidery, sewing and new quilt project?


You can now stabilize every square inch of fabric for all sewing needs!

Jonny Seww's specially developed thermally activated Multi-Purpose Iron-on Stabilizing Paper provides this solution with ease and simplicity.

Once you discover the many multiple uses and application techniques of Jonny Seww's Multi-Purpose Iron-on Stabilizing Paper you will be convinced that it is the ultimate solution for the widest variety of fabric stabilization applications in the sewing industry.

In the case of adhesive sprays we believe the scales have been tipped too far in favour of this expensive, hazardous and contaminating product that has outlasted it's usefulness and should be replaced to the benefit of the sewing consumer. Alternative products such as Jonny Seww's Multi-Purpose Iron-on Stabilizing Paper should be given first consideration in the sewing supply community before subjecting the sewing consumer to products that demonstrate such harmful and costly results.

Pam Baker